Shenmue 3: Biggest Video Game Kickstarter Ever
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I'm gonna wait for Steam version

Really cool.

by someone
3 hours ago

Free work is ok if it's not-commercical project, such as modding for game. If it's commercical and they're going to make money off your work then it's unfair.

Shenmue 3: Biggest Video Game Kickstarter Ever
17 July, 2015

The Shenmue series has always been loved by its fans over the years. They have always hoped for another Shenmue to be released. At E3 is when their wishes came true. When the announcement was made people actually cried from joy. Now, Shenmue 3 is the highest funded video game on Kickstarter ever at $5.8 million (and still rising).

With six hours left for the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter, a record has been broken for highest funded video game ever for Kickstarter. The previous record was at $5.5 million raised for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

In the category of all games, Shenmue 3 is third in highest-funded games of all time. Because it is doing so well, if the Kickstarter hits 6 million, the game will have an expanded battle system that includes advanced free battles. At over $5.8 million, this goal seems quite possible.

Earlier in the day, the team behind Shenmue 3 announced a new $39 backer award. Anybody who gives this amount will get an exclusive Shenmue 3 wallpaper set along with their name added onto the official website. This includes the rewards that $29 backers get.

Another backer reward revealed was for those who give $2,500. They will receive the character busts that were created during the designing of the main characters. Yu Suzuki will be hosting a live broadcast on Twitch at 7:00 PM EDT today for the last few hours of the Kickstarter.

Source: Polygon

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