SIGGRAPH: Inria to Present New 3D Printing Techniques

SIGGRAPH: Inria to Present New 3D Printing Techniques

Make more with your 3D printers: from smooth surfaces to complex patterns.

The production revolution envisioned by 3D printing visionaries is only a few steps away when we will be able to print objects with whatever shape and properties we need. This summer at the 2019 SIGGRAPH conference we will move three steps closer when the scientists from Inria Nancy-Grand Est present their new findings.

Scientists from the MFX team led by Sylvain Lefebvre, research director at Inria, will present innovative and open- access algorithms that enable new possibilities on your regular fused filament printer. From 3D printing nearly-perfect round shapes to producing flexible objects with complex elastic behaviors, or producing oriented grip patterns and multi-materials structures: their presentations will cover most of the fabrication process! The MFX team, together with colleagues from other Inria teams (Pixel, Maverick, and Imagine) is dedicated to empowering owners of even the most basic machine to come up with creative and state-of-the-art productions.

30 July 2019 – 11:51 am – Los Angeles Convention Centre, room 153

“High-performance rendering” session

Thibault Tricard and Semyon Efremov will unveil the new generation of irregular pattern generation software, paving the way for easier production of composite materials with different properties in different directions.

31 July 2019 – 11:29am – Los Angeles Convention Centre, room 150/151

“Fabrication” session

Jimmy Etienne will present an innovative software that facilitates the production of round shaped objects with a regular 3D printer. Read more :

31 July 2019 – 11:51am – Los Angeles Convention Centre, room 150/151

“Fabrication” session

Jonàs Martinez will tell you everything about the production of meta-material made of repetitions of with star-shaped units, thus showing surprising properties that you definitely can’t find in any natural material. Read more :

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    SIGGRAPH: Inria to Present New 3D Printing Techniques