SIGGRAPH: Zap Andersson Talks OSL
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SIGGRAPH: Zap Andersson Talks OSL
28 August, 2018

Zap Andersson gave a talk about OSL at SIGGRAPH 2018, but the sad thing is that nobody recorded it. The good news is that Mr. Andersson decided to re-record and expand his talk for you to learn more about Open Shader Language, which has been recently implemented in 3DS Max.  

“I spoke at SIGGRAPH 2018 in the OSL BOF

Here is me talking roughly the same thing (but elaborating a lot more) over roughly the same slides, for those that weren’t there. Enjoy.

Oh – the NDA stuff is taken out.”

Zap Andersson 

Make sure to discuss the talk in the comments below. 

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