Singleplayer MechWarrior 5 Announced
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What a shame EA! Fuck off, i go to steam :-)

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12 hours ago Is there any link or video for the cheaper solutions that you mentioned before? Please share them. I haven't seen any cheaper, faster, HD, loopable and adjustable "normal map" flipbook video that you said in your first post. I would be happy to compare the results in realism.

Singleplayer MechWarrior 5 Announced
5 December, 2016
A brand new singleplayer MechWarrior 5 will be released in 2018. The game is said to be very early in development and the team of Piranha Games is working hard to remember the sense of scale and freedom of the first MechWarrior released back in 1989. Players will fight in the Inner Sphere, the massive region of space surrounding Earth. Developers state that MechWarrior 5 is most importantly a huge sandbox with tons of places to go, houses to fight for, and countless equipment modifications. 

Steven Messner from PC Gamer talked to Russ Bullock from Piranha Games about developing old school experience:


One thing we’ve learned over is just to be cautious with expectations with our players. We want to make sure we’re really certain about things before they go out.

Russ Bullock

Just like the previous singleplayer MechWarrior experience the fifth installment uses old school marketing model – it is completely standalone and won’t feature microtransactions. You pay the full price and get the full game immediately. Just like that! The title is being developed with the help of UE4, by a separate team than the one developing MechWarrior Online. And no Early Access or that kind of thing. 


The last game about Mechs with story has been released 15 years ago. So, you might be asking: what is the game all about? It can be described as a strategic FPS where you control a single mech and give orders to supporting squads, ‘lances.’ 

MechWarrior 5 will start in 3015 and tell a long story of 34 following years. 


We want to go from 3015 right up to the clan invasion of 3049. What this allows us to do is tohave players experience being a startup, floundering mercenary business. You can think of it like you’re brand new and green and you have this half-working mech and just enough resources to take on your first mission. But by the endgame, the timeline has moved along up to near the clan invasion and you have maybe an entire company of elite mercenaries and BattleMechs and you’re taking the hardest missions the houses can throw at you.

Russ Bullock

Freedom and replayability are said to be two words that will define the future game – you will be able to choose your own targets and your own style. It is also stated that when it comes to mech customization, MechWarrior 5 chooses a “variant-based free market system”. Mechs will have a handful of variants for each chassis that they will conform to.


We’ll keep an eye on the development of MechWarrior 5. Stay tuned and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Author: Artyom Sergeev

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