Sketchfab Bundle: Animated Animals
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there is no need to create a vdb, but it works yes

by Laurent BIAL
18 hours ago

Super taf! ;)

Ted Bundy's car? :D

Sketchfab Bundle: Animated Animals
15 March, 2019
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Take a look at our collection of high-quality animated models of animals on Sketchfab: extinct marine creatures, realistic birds, bee, and goat, and cute stylized pets.

Extinct Marine Creatures

Here are two gorgeous marine creatures of the prehistoric times, Mosasaurus Hoffmannii and Dunkleosteus Terrell, that are made with Blender and Gimp by Kyan0s. The models go with smooth swimming animation.

Mosasaurus Hoffmannii

Dunkleosteus Terrelli

Realistic Creatures

PROFACTOR INC.  are the authors of visually appealing realistic and fantasy creatures accompanied by various animations. Take a look at some of the birds and a goat, for example.


Great Horned Owl


Another realistic creature with true to life swift movements: a bee by Romario Negara.


Stylized Pets

Here’re, two stylized pet models, a cat and a dog, from Polydactyl that will add fun to any game thanks to hilarious and adorable animation.

Meelo the Cat

Oscar the Dog

Finally, a cute low poly pug with various animations made by nitacawo.

Low-Poly Pug

Let us know which one is your favorite!

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