Sketchfab for Teams Announced

Sketchfab introduced a new initiative called Sketchfab for Teams.

The team launched a robust platform that allows several people within a team to contribute to and collaborate on a shared account. Users can rely on the full power of Sketchfab -- easy upload, fast processing, rendering features, and more -- to team up with colleagues both privately and publicly.

"The platform can also be leveraged to collaborate with partners you work with, for example, to invite the agency handling your 3D production to upload directly to your account, and review the content before it goes live," noted the team. "Or it can be used within schools, for a class to have several students upload to a group account, and teachers review the work easily, and finally have a common public showcase for the class."


  • Manage access rights: who can upload, download, view, and edit 3D models
  • Search and access assets in a central repository: filter by polycount, format, and size
  • Inspect models: geometry, topology, materials, and textures
  • Convert assets to standard formats: upload your 3D content in any of the 30+ formats 
  • Publish & distribute everywhere

You can learn more about the new initiative here. 

Preview art by Zale

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    Sketchfab for Teams Announced