Sketchfab Picks: February Edition
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by Youssef SALAMA
9 hours ago

ArtStudio is just too good not to leave a review for. I’ve been using Photoshop on my PC for drawing, photo editing, and professional work for the past six years and when I finally got an iPad with Apple Pencil support I was really hoping Procreate or one of the numerous other drawing/editing apps would be able to replace the feel of PS. Unfortunately, even though Procreate is indeed an amazing drawing program, it still doesn’t really satisfy my need for the familiar feel of photoshop and drawing with photoshop brushes. ArtStudio Pro solved all my problems. It’s got everything you could need and MORE (I especially love their amazing smoothing/line weight algorithm and pressure customization). It’s basically Photoshop, but without having to pay the ridiculous Adobe subscription every month. The price for this app is perfect, in my opinion (and honestly it’s even a bit low, for all it’s able to accomplish) and I really want to give a huge thank you to everyone who worked on/is working on this app and updating it. You’ve saved me so much money and frustration. Hats of to you!

by Mandy Little
11 hours ago

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Sketchfab Picks: February Edition
15 March, 2017
We’re highlighting some of the best work from the 3d art community at Sketchfab. Please meet some of the cool new models and environments from Nick LeeThanh NguyenKarol Miklas and others.

For this scene, Nick Lee did some wonderful work with Substance Painter. Everything was actually rendered in Unity. The diorama has a bunch of various details: pods, lots of metal surfaces, valves. There’s also two characters! 

Steam Empire General is the work of BOSi USA. It’s an outsourcing company, with over 100 artists. They work with modeling, animation, VFX, 2d game art, concept art,  illustration, UI. They even do game coding. Check out their portfolio on Sketchfab. A lot of beautiful images there. 

Some Warcraft vibes are definitely seen in this stunning stylized scene. The author is Thanh Nguyen. He’s a beginner artist, but this newest scene really caught our attention. It’s the first scene of a new project called  “World in World”. It’s all hand painted. In no way perfect, but a very good exercise in low poly modeling and texturing.

Cute little character from Oskar Kuijken. This work was specifically done for the game Shardbound, developed by Spiritwalk (the company did the concept and the background). Shardbound is a Tactical Collectible Card Game. Sort of a mix between Final Fantasy Tactics and Hearthstone. It’s on Kickstarter, if you’re really into it. Oskar does some amazing characters in low poly. Very rich colors and beautiful detailing. He models in Maya. Materials are done in Substance tools, Photoshop and 3D-Coat.


Allods Team is a studio from Russia, responsible for the development of the MMORPG Skyforge. This is actually a mount from that game. Very unusual design and some very clever stuff done with textures. The animation rig for this model is a secret for me. 

Very nice Killzone model by John Wilkinson. This awesome gun was used in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Look at all the details in this model! Thing is, everything here is functional and the gun works perfectly in the game. Shadow Fall has some of the most amazing industrial design in video games to this day.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is this new survival action game, that is trending on Twitch right now. And here’s a little vehicle design from that title. It’s got cool painting work here and high-quality low poly modeling. The wheels are our faivorite parts of the buggy. The model and texturing were done by Karol Miklas, who’s been doing a lot of work for CD Projekt RED. He’s a real petrol head and that really shows in his other models.

Animation student Xintong Lyu is working with modeling and the results are top notch. This project was actually completed in 2016 but was uploaded to sketchfab only a couple of weeks ago.

Very nice low poly 3d environment by Federico Mori (Artstation). All the textures were painted in 3D Coat, modeled in Blender except for statue (that thing was done in Zbrush). Concept design was taken from here. Some very nice lighting combines with simple and clear materials.

Last but not least is the street vendor’s scooter from Russian artist bftd (real name is unknown). The original concept is done by Aleksandr Pushai. Smooth style, crisp texture work done in Substance Painter. Modeled in MODO.

Tell us what you think and make sure to post any cool works you think are missing here. 



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