Skychasers: Pixel Art Supersonic Jet Arcade
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Utrecht NL   24, Nov — 26, Nov
Philadelphia US   30, Nov — 3, Dec
London GB   30, Nov — 1, Dec
London GB   30, Nov — 3, Dec
Dortmund DE   1, Dec — 3, Dec
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by Jamie Gibson
4 hours ago

Hi Elliott, This is a great breakdown and very generous in sharing your process and insights, you came a long way from the vending machine days!

Are you planning on releasing the UE4 project to the public? Or only builds? I'd love to play around with it in the editor if possible!

by mr. Awesome
9 hours ago

Fucking AWESOME!

Skychasers: Pixel Art Supersonic Jet Arcade
29 August, 2017

Two guys from Russia are working on a very cool and fast retro-inspired project.

Skychasers is an awesome 2d arcade shooter about jets fighting futuristic sci-fi enemies. The project is story-driven and it’s got intense dogfights and giant bosses.

This is the official description of gameplay:

You are put in a cockpit of a 6th generation fighter jet, fully armed and capable of performing stunning maneuvers, but you are as fragile as your enemies, so mobility is your best friend here. The game is pretty hardcore but fair at the same time since you always have a chance to react to the upcoming threat and evade it.

The game features a story campaign with lots of unique mission objectives and epic boss fights.

The game is not finished yet, but we really hope it will finally find a home in Steam or some other platform.


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Yo, one of the devs here!
Actually, It’s more like one guy from Denmark and the other guy from Russia. First coder who was working with me during prototype stage was russian as well, but he decided to leave the team long time ago. So, if it’s possible, can you fix the title please?

As for accusations of ripping off luftrausers, I’m kinda tired of arguing with people at this point so I’ll just say that Rami played the build himself and he’s totally ok with this game’s existence.

Luke Parkes
Luke Parkes

This is basically a carbon-copy of Luftrausers; even the name is the same. The developers claim to have never heard of it, but I refuse to believe it given how uncannily similar the player aircraft behaviour is.

Light YL Luke
Light YL Luke

It’s similar to Luftrausers >

Light YL Luke
Light YL Luke