Sony Cuts PS5 Production By 4 Million Units

The production of new chips turned out to be challenging.

Sony has reportedly reduced its plans for the PlayStation 5 production by four million units. It turned out that making a key component is quite a challenging process.

Bloomberg reports that producing the upcoming console's custom-designed system-on-chip is pretty complex. Sony will be now unable to produce the number of consoles the company originally planned. Sources state that Sony has reduced the number of PS5 units for the current fiscal year to 11 million units.

The news resulted in Sony's shares decreasing by 3.5% which is the biggest drop since August, Bloomberg noted. You can find the original report here.

PS5 is set for release by the end of the year. The next PS5 showcase will be held on Wednesday, September 16.

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  • Mocho DrOcho

    faaaaaake news duuude, Sony deny that info..


    Mocho DrOcho

    ·10 months ago·

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