Sony’s Crowdfunding Platform for Internal Projects Launches
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Sony's Crowdfunding Platform for Internal Projects Launches
3 July, 2015

Sony launched a new crowdfunding platform for financing internal projects. Cleverly called First Flight, it allows employees to try out new concepts and business ideas in an effort to create more profit within the company.

At E3 an announcement was made for a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3. It has raised over $3.8 million, completely surpassing its original goal of $2 million. That was the beginning of Sony’s interest in crowdfunding. Now, they have created a crowdfunding platform just for internal projects and any successful project will get help with e-commerce.

Sony has always been bold with their ideas and have always tried to create new and innovative things. Although this can lead to much success, the downside is that expenses can rack up. This is where First Flight comes in. It alleviates some of the stress on Sony while at the same time allowing them to come up with potentially amazing ideas that can lead to uniquely creative products.

There hasn’t been any mention about gaming being a part of the internal crowdfunding, but with the PlayStation 4 still fresh and with the huge success of the Shenmue Kickstarter, it seems safe to assume that games will be included in the future of First Flight. For now the platform is only available to Japanese customers, but that is likely to change soon.


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