South Africa Games Revenue Hit $290 Million in 2021

The African Games Industry report says that South Africa has the largest gaming revenue in Sub-Sahara Africa followed by Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic influenced the massive growth over the past years.

In a recent African Games Industry report, it was announced that consumer spending in South Africa $290 million in 2021. The biggest market in South Africa with 22 million gamers is made up of mobile gaming, followed by PC gamers (6.1 million) and console gamers (5.9 million).

Previously, from 2017 to 2019 gaming revenue in South Africa showed roughly $10-$15 million growth. Nevertheless, between 2019 and 2021, the revenue saw a massive growth to $290 compared to $221 million in 2019. Post-COVID-19 conditions significantly influenced this growth, according to the report.

Having the largest gaming revenue in Sub-Sahara Africa, South Africa is followed by such countries as Nigeria with $185 million revenue, Ghana ($42 million), Kenya ($38 million), and Ethiopia ($35 million). It was also reported that 43% of South Africa's population pays to play titles. In comparison, only 32% of Nigeria's population pays for the games.

Besides the results achieved last year, the report also provided predictions on African games industry trends for 2022. According to them, some public and private funding will continue functioning this year, including Diverse Game Developer Fund, African Game Developer Prototype Fund, and Black Game Developer Fund. The report also predicts the increasing number of new startup companies and expects more cross-national collaboration between studios.

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