South East Asia gaming market: $2.2 billion by 2017
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I love World Creator, especially the vegetation distribution pipeline. You can create some very realistic fields with it. Im going to check out impostors too - ive seen it a few times and wondered what it's about.

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Stupid Rental. My Zbrush that I haven't paid for an update in years and is perpetual Trumps that on all counts.

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South East Asia gaming market: $2.2 billion by 2017
15 April, 2015

A recently released report by a research firm Newzoo and Casual Connect named South East Asia as the region with the fastest growing game market in the world. In these countries both gaming and potential profit increase rapidly.


Southeast Asia Games Market Report © Newzoo, 2015

Southeast Asia has become the planet’s fastest developing gaming market according to the Southeast Asia Games Market Report. Western mobile and casual studios are likely to engage in this region. 99% of the billion dollar revenues by Southeast Asian gaming in 2014 was divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and The Philippines. By 2017 this figure is expected to reach $2.2 billion.


Southeast Asia Games Market Report © Newzoo, 2015

The rapid modernization of the region and the increasing number of Internet users played an integral part in this growth. Until recently, the region lacked a proper infrastructure that could provide stable Internet connection. Now the economies also have to adopt mobile internet in a same way South America and India did back in the day. Newzoo’s data shows more potential in the countries of Southeast Asia as they enjoy a rapidly increasing GDP.

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The full version of the report costs almost $5k, but there’s a free 12-page version.

Source: Newzoo

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