Speeding Substance Designer Workflow
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We stream high end result to hololens from Unity so imagine this through an AR HMD!

Very informative thread, thank you! Inspiring and reassuring to see the process behind such amazing renders. I started using UE4 a month ago, for a work in my firm and I'm still struggling with some concepts! I wish to see more article like this! Thibault (from France)

Your post is very good and meaningful. How long will it take you to write and post? thank you for sharing slither io

Speeding Substance Designer Workflow
4 September, 2018

Substance wizard Daniel Thiger shared some awesome tips, which can help you use utility nodes to solve repetitive tasks.

Daniel Thiger is one of the few people that possess the finesse, diligence, talent and artistic eye to push Substance Designer forward with every new material. He also pushes out substances quite often. In the recent Artstation post he shared some tips on how to build materials just as quickly.

Daniel decided to put together 80 curves that he has used in past and current projects. These have been a huge time saver, allowing the artist to be much more creative. You can download the curves over at Gumroad!

The Curve Collection node is divided into 4 categories, based on different types of architectural details from around the world. A large collection of reference photos were utilized to create accurate designs based on real-life examples.

The Ancient category is inspired by old temples and ruins. The Classical category is inspired by Greek and Roman temples, as well as classical architecture. The Modern category features more angular shapes common in today’s architecture. Finally, the Basic category is a set of simple curves that can be utilized to create hardware, buttons, etc. 

Daniel Thiger

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