Star Citizen is getting $100m before launch

Star Citizen is getting $100m before launch

Legendary game-developer Chris Roberts believes that his massive game Star Citizen will manage to gather over $100m before its launch in 2016. The game gathered over $70m to this day.

Legendary game-developer Chris Roberts (Wing Commander) believes that his massive game Star Citizen will manage to gather over $100m before its launch in 2016. Right now the game drew over $70 million.

The space sim is being developed by Cloud Imperium Games. The project has been in development for 3 years now and some people believe that it will never see the light of day. There are hundreds of developers working at this space simulator but the idea of Star Citizen is so ambitious that it’s really hard to grasp. So far people were thrilled to see this game and paid handsomely to make this idea a reality. The project is considered to be one of the most successful crowdfunding initiatives in history.


We’re now close to $70 million, and it’s likely the carry-on will probably be over $100 by the time the game is close to public release. Crowdfunding isn’t really about the money. Yes, the money is nice. Yes the money enables you to do some of these things you do, but it’s really about bringing people in to create this community and have them sort of share that experience with you as you’re building it.


Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium Games

Roberts believes that the final game will be available next year. Star Citizen is incredibly complex. The game consists of six sections. So far only two were released: Hangar and Arena Commander. The company did show some other modules, but they are really far from becoming public.

Roberts promises that we’re going to see more Star Citizen’s releases this year. MMO-module “Planetside” will be released this spring. Single-player part Squadron 42 will be released in autumn. The full game will be published in 2016.

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Many experts believe that Roberts found a special niche for Star Citizen. Fan-financing is very far from crowdfunding. He’s basically selling collectibles: ships, cool virtual packs and other interesting stuff. The biggest win is that Roberts managed to sell these products before the game was actually available. His star-power is truly incredible.

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Another similar crowdfunded game Elite: Dangerous was relesed on December 16, 2014. The game’s budget was over £8m. Although big enough it is light years away from Star Citizen. They project was well-received by press but many fans demanded refunds, when offline mode was cut out from the game. Developers from Frontier Developments were reluctant to give the money back to the unsatisfied customers.

Star Citizen is developed using the CryEngine Technology from Crytek.

via Polygon

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