Star Wars: Battlefront and Entering the Industry
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Star Wars: Battlefront and Entering the Industry
23 September, 2015

Senior Producer of Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Battlefront, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, has been overseeing the development of this exciting title. However, it was less than a decade ago she was in a completely different career path.

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For someone who has such an important role in what could possibly be the biggest game of the year, it’s quite surprising to find out that it was just 9 years ago Ingvarsdottir was working in business development at a retail company in Iceland. She said that her retail job was something that paid well, was prestigious, but was incredibly dull. So when her friends, who worked at CCP (developer of MMO title EVE Online) kept talking about their jobs, it piqued her curiosity and grabbed her interest.

It was only after a presentation by the President of CCP that she introduced herself and told him about her degree in industrial engineering and how she wanted to work at the company. Her direct approach was not in vain because after just six weeks she started her first day in the video game industry. From there she worked her way up to senior producer at CPP, working on EVE Online and other games. Then in 2011, she moved to Ubisoft overseeing Tom Clancy’s The Division, and just a year after that she took her role as senior producer at DICE Studio to work on Battlefront.


Many people think that to get into the development side of games, you have to start in quality assurance, a job that is tough and unappreciated. Ingvarsdottir says that the industry has grown to a point where there are many avenues of reaching your goals of entering the industry.

I encourage people to spend time playing, to spend time prototyping and making games using all of the free engines and software available out there. Most people have some understanding that to make games you need to be a programmer or a designer. But there are so many fields today. You can be a lawyer and work in games. You can be an economist and work in games. There are so many roles and so many ways you can be a part of making games.


Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Electronic Arts, Senior Producer


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