Starbreeze Earns 50% Revenue Gain
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Starbreeze Earns 50% Revenue Gain
14 May, 2015

There has been a 50 percent jump in Starbreeze’s revenue the third quarter of this year versus last year. An investment in acquisitions is to be made so that they won’t have to rely on the revenue coming from PAYDAY 2.


Overkill’s PAYDAY 2 continues to be the vehicle used to reach the company’s greater ambitions. In the third quarter (ending March 31, 2015) Starbreeze earned 47.7 million SEK (Swedish Krona) whereas last year they earned 32.1 million SEK. Starbreeze has said that this has been its best quarter when it comes to revenue ever since PAYDAY 2 first came out in August 2013.

PAYDAY 2 is Overkill’s most vital part of their whole business. The game contributes over 88% of Starbreeze’s total revenue (42.2 million SEK). Obviously the smart idea is to not bank on this one game by putting all their eggs in one basket. Starbreeze is planning to change things up so they don’t have to depend on PAYDAY 2 as much.

To make sure the revenue keeps coming in but in different avenues, Overkill is releasing a game that is based on The Walking Dead series and there is also a toys-to-life product (focused on younger audiences) that is in full production at a recent acquisition, Geminose. Just last week Starbreeze announced their entry into third-party publishing by investing $8 million into Lion Game Lion’s game, Raid: World War ll. They are planning to continue to use their capital (379 million SEK) to acquire “smaller companies” to expand their “technology stack and competencies”.


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