Steam hacked, but it’s ok
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Steam hacked, but it's ok
27 July, 2015

Community reports state that Valve’s Steam service has been hacked. There’s been no official word from Valve yet.

Earlier today, users of NeoGAF, Reddit, and Twitch TV have reported that Steam has been hacked. There have also been reports of streamers having their accounts deleted, and users losing items from their accounts. Not only that, but the Steam Community went down. Some people at NeoGAF posted that Steam was experiencing a massive attack but the system is being currently restored and patched.


There was also a publication on YouTube, demonstrating the abuse of the “forgotten password” feature in Steam’s log-in service. This hack allows anyone to bypass the stage where they have to enter a security code, and are granted access to reset the password of the account with little to no hassle.

Valve has already dealt with the loophole, however, we are still waiting to hear for any official announcement from the company.

UPDATE: The Steam community is now up.



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