Steam Sold over $3.5 mil worth of games in 2015
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Great job and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Frankly I do not understand why we talk about the past of this CEO. As a player I do not care about what he did or not until his games are good. As an Environmental Artist instead I see a game with a shaky graphics. It is completely without personality, emotion and involvement. It can hardly be considered acceptable especially for the 2019 platforms (which I understand will be the target of this game). Well, this is probably an indie group, with no experience facing a first game in the real market. And that's fine. Do the best you can that even if you fail, you will learn and do better. From a technical point of view the method you are using is very old. It can work but not as you are doing it. I bet you're using Unity, it's easy to see that since I see assets from their asset store. Break your landscapes more, they are too monotonous and contact real 3D artists and level designers. One last thing, the last screenshot is worse than all the previous ones. The lights are wrong and everything screams disaster. Avoid similar disasters in the future.

But are they real or is it a mockery? or a scam? Truly horrible flat graphics and lacking a real sense of aesthetics. Ui devoid of consistency and usability. Do they really have a graphic art department? Imho in 2018 using such tricks so massively denotes profound technical incompetence.

Steam Sold over $3.5 mil worth of games in 2015
5 January, 2016

According to Steam Spy, Steam is responsible for 15% of global PC game sales in 2015. With over 3 000 new games on the shelves this year, seems like “indiapocalypse” will have to wait.

Paid Steam games market was worth over $3.5B in 2015. Not every dollar is going through Valve though, as some developers are selling their Steam games off Steam. And remember — this figure doesn’t include free-to-play titles or DLC! PC worldwide core games market is estimated to be around $27B in 2015 (Newzoo). So, including Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 revenue, Valve is controlling around 15% of it.

Sergey Galyonkin




The coolest piece of information from the article are the monthly charts. If you look closely you’ll definitely see, that most of the places in the top 10 are occupied by big-budget games like GTA V, Mad Max, Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V. However, if you look at the list of the 2015 best sellers, you’ll definitely notice a lot of big indie games like ARK: Survival Evolved, Cities: Skylines, Besiege, Undertale, Darkest Dungeon, Rocket League.


Some of the biggest games in the top 10 (ARK, Rocket League) were actually created with Unreal Engine 4. A couple of years ago, the biggest games with UE logo would come from Electronic Arts or Warner Brothers. This time it’s different, smaller teams are using this technology to build their own unique projects with smaller budgets but nice visuals. The same way Unity Technologies helps to build games like Cities: Skylines, which is like the best city-building simulator of the last decade.

Great to see affordable technology finally pushing game market beyond sequels and prequels into uncharted waters. Can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us.


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