Stream: Landscape Materials & Foliage in UE4
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Stream: Landscape Materials & Foliage in UE4
14 February, 2017
Epic Games is doing a nice stream on landscape development. This time Andrew Hurley talks materials and foliage.

Here at we enjoy great 3d landscapes. Especially pretty ones. For those of you, interested in environment design and especially open world spaces, Andrew Hurley from Epic will show how to work with landscape materials and foliage. The stream will start in a couple of hours on UE4 Twitch channel (here) (Tuesday, February 14th @ 2:00PM ET). You’ll be able to download all the assets used during the presentation here.

Andrew actually did an introduction to environment production in UE4 in January, 2017. You can find the full recording here. It’s an awesome way to start experimenting. The video is hidden here.

Also, while we’re on the subject of natural environment production, be sure to check out LAM. It’s a very nice tool, that allows you to paint over wide open areas. It’s not free.

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