Level Design Case Study: Recreating Level from God of War

To understand the logic behind God of War's level design, Sukhraj Johal recreated and analyzed the first level of the game and shared his thoughts. The case study was initially posted on Gamasutra and can be found here. It is now reposted on 80 Level with the author's permission.


Sukhraj Johal

Published on

Jan 24, 2020

The Immersive Storytelling Residency Program at METL

Ryan Schmaltz, director at Media and Emerging Technology Lab at UNSCA School of Filmmaking, talked about a new program for artists who want to get into immersive storytelling art and shared some info about the educational process and application rules. 


Ryan Schmaltz

Published on

Jan 15, 2020

Breakdown: Modular Landscape Material by Auke Huys

Auke Huys with the help of Rodrigo Villani created an advanced Landscape Material for UE4 and overviewed some of the nodes and their functions. You can also download the material for free and use it in any way you want!


Auke Huys

Published on

Jan 02, 2020

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