Substance 3D Designer 12.1 Released

Adobe released Substance 3D Designer 12.1, bringing lots of new nodes for Substance compositing graphs, USD file format support, and more interoperability with Stager.

Adobe announced the release of Substance 3D Designer 12.1, a new and improved version of the company's 3D material creation software. The update comes with a lot of new content for Substance material graphs, improved USD and Stager interoperability, an improved error management system, and several other smaller upgrades designed to make your workflow more convenient.

The highlight of the update is the addition of many new nodes to Substance 3D Designer. The update brings new patterns, new noises, 3D Texture and Render nodes, and more. A newly added Tile Random 2 node can be used to generate adjacent tiles of random sizes and ratios.

A new Triangle Grid pattern can be used to generate a grid made of triangles. This generator represents a surface of vertices in 3D space and may be used to create a variety of polygonal styles.

What's more, the update adds 15 Grunge Maps to the library to "give you more variety". You will also find a lot of new 2D and 3D Noises, like Voronoi (2D and 3D), Voronoi Fractal (2D and 3D), 3D Ridged Fractal, and an update of the current 3D Perlin Noise.

The update also comes with a collection of 3D Texture nodes and 3D Render nodes (Surface or Volume) to create and render 3D textures, which are an atlas of a 3D model's slices.

The update adds the ability to import and export USD files in order to use them as resources for your Substance model graphs, for baking, or in the 3D view to showcase your Substance material. You can also use this format to export your Substance model graph or the content of the 3D view.

Moreover, it is now possible to send your Substance material to Stager in one click, a feature that was already possible in Sampler and Painter.

And here are some miscellaneous upgrades:

  • If you are working on fabrics, you can now display a dedicated mesh in the 3D view in order to better see how your material is rendered on a draped shape.
  • New scene management nodes for Substance model graphs. These nodes allow you to rename, reparent, fuse or expand your scene elements in order to organize your scene hierarchy.
  • This version of the software comes with an improved error management system in order to surface all the errors and warnings in the Explorer. Everything is listed in one place and so it's easier to check if your project contains any problems.

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