Substance Day at GDC 2018

Substance Day at GDC 2018

GDC 2018 is right around the corner and Allegorithmic is ready for the event.

GDC 2018 is right around the corner and Allegorithmic is ready for the event. The company decided to host Substance Day at GDC — a full day of talks and presentations from industry veterans, on Substance, of course. The special event is said to run all day on Tuesday, March 20th in Room 3014 Moscone West and is open to all attendees with an Expo Plus pass and above.

Here is a full schedule from the team: 

10:00 am – Keynote

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speakers:
Sebastien Deguy  |  CEO and Founder, Allegorithmic
Wes McDermott | Integration Product manager, Allegorithmic

Kick off the day with Founder and CEO Sebastien Deguy and world famous 3D Ninja Wes McDermott to learn about what’s new and what’s coming up in the world of Substance

11:20 am – Texturing a Hyper-Reality Experience – Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speakers:
Tommy Alvarez | Senior Environment Artist, ILMxLabs
Steve Hendricks | Senior Environment Artist, ILMxLabs

Embark on a trip to lava planet Mustafar with the talented folks at ILMxLAB. This two-part session will first focus on using Substance Painter to create multi-channel masks that can then be brought into Unreal to blend Substance Designer materials. The second part will show how Substance Painter can be used to reproduce the functionality of Unreal’s shader faithfully and how this functionality was used to match the concept art in the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire VR Experience.

1:20pm – The Substance of ‘Shadow of War’

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speaker:
Josh Lynch | Senior Environment Artist, Red Storm Entertainment

This session will take a look at how Substance Designer was used to shape the world of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The session will explore ways Substance Designer was leveraged to create high-quality content while maintaining visual cohesion. Additionally, it will explore material creation strategies and tips & tricks in Substance Designer.

2:40 pm – Substance Automation Toolkit: Building a Future-Proof Material Pipeline

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speaker:
David Larsson | Product Manager, Allegorithmic

This session will look at how to automate texture generation for common use cases across industries. Iterating faster on texturing, making large-scale changes to multiple assets and doing less repetitive tasks are all within the scope of the Automation Toolkit. The presentation will show in detail what the Substance Automation Toolkit is, how attendees can write scripts to texture multiple similar objects in a consistent way and how to use a build system to make sure all textures are current when 3D models and substance files changes.

4:00 pm – Ruins of the Reich: Debris and Rubble Pipeline in ‘Wolfenstein 2’ with Substance Designer

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speakers:
Nicholas Cort | Lead Artist, MachineGames
Ben Wilson | Senior Environment Artist, MachineGames

Discover how the Substance tools were used during the production of Wolfenstein 2. In this talk, we walk through the development of the game’s (many) debris assets, ranging from tileable textures to rubble piles. We will cover pipeline setup, custom nodes and how Substance helped speed up material and asset creation.

5:30 pm – Creating Photorealistic Procedural Materials with Substance Designer

Duration: 60 min
Featured Speaker:
Daniel Thiger | Lead Environment Artist, Bungie

Daniel shares the techniques and methodology he used to create natural materials for Allegorithmic’s Substance Source. Gain insight into some of his workflows and how Substance Designer has increased his efficiency and output.


You can learn more about the event here

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