Substance Painter 2.5 Announced
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Substance Painter 2.5: Opacity Control, Color Management and More
21 February, 2017
Allegorithmic released Substance Painter 2.5. The new version of the software brings long-awaited opacity control, introduces new options to the scripting API, and adds color management.

Substance Painter 2.5 will become a welcome addition to the pipeline of VFX and animation studios. Apart from long-awaited opacity control, introduces new options to the scripting API, and adds color management, the software also compatible with Substance Designer 6, and provides support for text inputs in substance materials and filters. There’s a bunch of smaller improvements and fixes as well.


Opacity control for paintbrushes is finally available. It works like you would expect it to, with the added bonus of being able to paint multiple separate strokes with the same opacity level, as if painted through a single stroke, with the modifier key “A”. Useful for touch-ups and fine-tuning of your hand-painted art.

Tip: The pressure sensitivity option in Substance Painter is located on the Flow setting, but its effect on the brush behavior is the same as the one located on the Opacity setting in Adobe Photoshop.


The post process tab now features an LUT-based Color Management option, allowing you to apply industry standard color profiles from Cameras. Custom LUT textures can also be imported to adapt to any movie, game pipeline or even artistic goals.


Support for the new Substance Engine 6 means that text decals and stencils can now be created dynamically in Substance Painter. We included a dozen fonts by default and you can use Substance Designer 6 to create your own text tools!

The simplest way to use it? Drag and drop one of the text generators from the Procedurals shelf to your brush alpha slot and start typing.


We also took this opportunity to refactor our existing shaders and add Parallax Occlusion Mapping to the default PBR shaders as well as adding support for Dithered Transparency.


The bakers have been updated to support non-square and 8k bakes.

You can get the software for $149 (or upgrade for $75). Plus there’s always a 30-day free trial.

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