Substance Source Gets its First Architecture Selection Update
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by Keith Parker
41 min ago

This is techno-sorcery!

by Bob
5 hours ago

Unite India is here:

there is no need to create a vdb, but it works yes

Substance Source Gets its First Architecture Selection Update
20 January, 2017
Allegorithmic has presented the First Architecture Selection Update for Substance Source along with an amazing breakdown of its Substances. The new pack features 12 full procedural materials for architects and archviz experts.

The company decided to share a step-by-step guide to creating these materials, which you can check out here.

Wood Pixel Patterned

Here is the entire graph of the Pixel Patterned substance. This wooden block assembly is used in architecture, often to delimit spaces in a house or simply for interior decoration. This material is esthetic and gives a natural feel within the house.

First of all, we’ve defined the essential points of the substance, namely the choice of color, the visible wood veins and the number of blocks.

For the color, I used wood stain shades used in the industry, with the Gradient Map node to choose the hue. I also used the Glaze Selection parameter and varied the hue areas using the Noise Selection in order to have as many choices as possible. 

Make sure to go into detail here to study how they created substances for the very first Substance Source – Architecture Selection update.

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