Sunlight: Using VR to Handpaint the Game’s World

Find out the production details of the recent Krillbite Studios’ project. 

Norway-based Krillbite Studio has released Sunlight, a beautiful and calming adventure game where players have to explore the forest to find out the philosophical story. Art director Simon Nyhus and designer Adrian Tingstad Husby revealed some interesting production details, including the use of VR tool for hand-painting the game’s world.  

In the interview, Simon and Adrian talked about the inspiration by Norwegian artist Edward Munch and ways his influence was shown in the game’s style, discussed the team’s decision to handprint the game’s world in Quill, a tool for VR painting, and the workflow in it.

I think the most difficult aspect, as opposed to working on a digital art tablet or canvas in real life, is that you have full control over the depth in which you're placing strokes at all times. It’s definitely something to get used to, but I also think that’s the key that makes the look so different and unique. In a way it doesn’t feel quite like painting, 3D, nor sculpting, but rather a mix of the three and, in my opinion, it's more than the sum of its parts.

Simon Nyhus via the interview

They also mentioned the key struggles the team faced while applying VR tools to the 3D art production process and gave a few tips for beginners who want to explore VR. 

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