Take Your Game Global with Microsoft and Xsolla
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Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
Paris FR   24, Oct — 27, Oct
San Jose US   25, Oct — 26, Oct
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Where the shield I can download???

Amazing stuff! I really enjoyed reading it!

by Delip Huges
2 days ago

There are AwesomeBump that is written in QT and do not require .NET Framework and has code open.

Take Your Game Global with Microsoft and Xsolla
13 September, 2017

The Dream.Build.Play 2017 Challenge by Microsoft is pushing game makers to maximize their creativity and create experiences that engage gamers from across the world. All creators, working solo or in teams of up to seven, are invited to share their work with the world. Create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game for one of the categories by December 31, 2017 to get a chance to win cash prizes and attract audience.

The team has just announced that Xsolla is sponsoring an additional prize for entrants competing in the PC Game category. One team will win a full year of access to Xsolla’s global game distribution platform. What is more, you have a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to pitch your game for development with Xsolla Capital. 


Cloud-powered game

Grand Prize: $100,000 USD

Build a game that uses Azure Cloud Services on the backend, like Service Fabric, CosmosDB, containers, VMs, storage, and Analytics. Judges will give higher scores to games that use multiple services in creative ways-and will award bonus points for Mixer integration.

PC game

Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Create a Windows 10 game using whatever technology you prefer—even middleware like Unity, Cocos, and GameMaker—and publish it to the Windows Store. Using Windows 10 features like Cortana or Inking will give your game an advantage with the judges. 

Mixed reality game

Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Create an immersive mixed reality experience that lets players interact with 3D volumetric content in a virtual space. Use whichever tools you prefer (like Unity) to build as long as your game uses Windows Mixed Reality. Judges will prefer games that incorporate audio content.

Console game 

Grand Prize: $25,000 USD

Build a UWP game for the Xbox One console family and incorporate the Xbox Live Creators Program with at least Xbox Live presence. Extra consideration will be given to games that incorporate Xbox Live services like leaderboards and statistics.

You can find more details on the competition and register here

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