Tapjoy: Marketing Analytics and Ads Monetization in One Package
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by Christopher henrick
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thank u so much 80lv !

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Tapjoy: Marketing Analytics and Ads Monetization in One Package
8 April, 2015

Advertisement in mobile games still remains one of the most popular ways of monetizing your game. There’s in-app purchases of course, but if you want to earn some more and complement your in-app monetization strategy, you should definitely go to Tapjoy. Back in March we’ve talked with Paul Bowen, VP of Europe from Tapjoy, at GDC 2015. We’ve discussed new marketing opportunities and new ways to work with ads in mobile games.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your company?

Paul Bowen  © 80.lv, 2014

Paul Bowen © 80.lv, 2014

My name is Paul Bowen and I’m the Vice President of Europe for Tapjoy. Tapjoy is the leading mobile marketing automation and monetization platform for freemium applications. We’re working with iOS and Android platforms only.

Could you tell us about the products you’re showcasing this GDC?

This GDC we’re launching our marketing automation platform combined with our monetization platform. Tapjoy’s history has been in monetizing freemium apps through ads. So we would allow the players of the games to watch a video and be rewarded with virtual currency. Historically we’ve operated a platform that brings together developers of freemium applications with advertisers and gives the players of those games the opportunity to earn free currency within the apps that they are playing.

What we’re launching at this event is the acquisition we made last year of a company called 5Rocks to combine our two products together: marketing analytics and marketing automation analytics solution with ads monetization to provide to developers a complete monetization solution for their apps. You might want to choose to make different decisions on how you communicate to users based on their behaviors within the apps. You might want to treat a user who spent $100 within the app quite differently from somebody who never spent any money within the app.

You’re monetizing through ads right now right?

And IAP-based messages.

Right now in-app purchases are the big thing and everybody wants to monetize it through this, but how is Tapjoy’s services different? Why should developers go with traditional advertising?


Tapjoy booth at GDC 2015 © 80.lv, 2014

It basically facilitates the monetization of the IAP. So say you’ve got a user who spent $100 in the last month, we’ve got one of the features of the platform we’re launching this week which allows you to predict how much money that user will spend in your app. So we know that you spent $100 dollars in the app, and we can predict that the user will spend another $100 dollars in your app. What that allows the developer to do is to create an action that ensures you spend another $100 in the app. So what you might do is send a push notification to a group of users that might say (based on the data we have) come back to the app and get 50% off, to a group of users who you know are going to spend a lot of money. Based on different cohorts or different groups of people, you can make different decisions on how you communicate to the user.

How much do you charge for your services?

If you run our advertising, the analytics platform is free. You also get the push notifications, the Future Value Map which is the prediction of what the user will spend in the future.

How does it make predictions?

It’s based on market data. So, we have a bunch of developers already on this platform. We look at user behavior, what they do in a period of time: user behavior, spending patterns, and things like that.

How many games are connected to Tapjoy services?

On the Tapjoy platform there are 8,000 apps.

What do you think of the future of the mobile market?

I think mobile gaming will get bigger and bigger.


Paul Bowen, VP of Europe from Tapjoy

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