Tataouine Rocks for UE4 Now Available
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Cheap art will be just that. The true value lies in commitment and hard work. This is just a tool and without a creative mind operating it the results will hold no magic. Did photography kill painting? I think both are doing and developing rather well.

Tataouine Rocks for UE4 Now Available
3 November, 2017

We have recently published an article about a new Tataouine project by Alireza Khajehali. It is a marvelous UE4 scene that pushes that boundaries and presents the next level of rocks. The thing is that Alireza and his team have decided to release the scene as a pack on UE Marketplace


  • Seamless mesh to landscape blending.
  • Highly modular terrain uber shader with 3 paint layers, and ability to add more.
  • Modular rock shader allowing you to apply it to any other rocks as well.
  • Controllable distance based landscape and mesh tessellation.
  • Material sharing between assets to maximize efficiency.
  • Extensive material customization for every asset.
  • Upgraded moving dust function on the terrain.
  • Library of custom plug and play functions.
  • Fully heightmap based layer blending.
  • Heat Haze Effect – Feel the heat!
  • Manually set LOD distances.
  • Two excellent demo maps.
  • Layered cloud shadows.
  • TWO Demo scenes.
  • Accurate collisions.
  • Light ray shader.
  • Up to 5 LODs.
  • PBR Materials.
  • PBR Lighting.
  • Particles.
  • Decals.

Technical Details

  • PBR: Yes
  • LOD: Yes
  • Collision: Yes
  • Documentation: Yes
  • Texture size: Up to 4K
  • [7] Light Ray Variations
  • [38] Material Instances
  • [10] Material Functions
  • [1] Overview map
  • [1] Ambient Loop
  • [16] Materials
  • [66] Textures
  • [2] Demo maps
  • [1] particle
  • [35] Meshes
  • [5] Decals

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