Team Fortress 2 Update Fixes Some of the Bot Problems

The new update allows players to kick the bots faster and removes the ability to change the name mid-game.

Valve has recently released the long-awaited update to Team Fortress 2 which was expected to eliminate a number of vulnerabilities that were used by cheaters. The release of the new patch followed a month of campaigning by the game's fans who were asking the company to address cheating and spamming brought by bots.

For years, players fought against bots that instantly killed players, spammed, or kicked players out of sessions, but Valve took no action. However, recently the company responded to fans' requests and brought some changes to the game.

The new update fixes several issues caused by bots. In particular, it introduced the new vote system allowing both teams have a kick vote running at the same time which means that bots can now be removed from the server much faster.

Valve also removed a number of glitches and exploits that were abused by cheaters and eliminated the ability to enter cheat codes. The update also removed mid-match name changes which should help since bots often automatically rename themselves to actual players.

Based on Reddit posts, fans are mostly happy with the update, although they note that it will clearly not be able to solve all problems with bots and cheaters, and some claim that it is still up to players to deal with them.

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