Tencent announced VR platform & a VR game
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Tencent announced VR platform & a VR game
10 November, 2015

VR-market is getting another huge player – Tencent. This is a big Chinese corporation, that has an incredible presence in the western game development market. Tencent owns Epic Games, Riot Games, GLU Mobile and Tencent Technology to name a few. It’s no wonder the company wants to get into the VR competition, since this technology promises to become the next big thing for entertainment industry.


Tencent Ministation

Tencent has recently announced miniStation – its Android-powered game console. There’s a more powerful version of this system in the works, which promises to connect to a VR headset (also manufactured by Tencent). The system is powered by a Qualcomm chip, which has the same power as an Intel i5 processor. The system will support various games, apps and movies. The company is also developing its own virtual reality game. VR-cinema seems like a great feature, but it’s still not clear how the whole thing is going to work.


Tencent Ministation


Tencent Ministation

Chinese VR-community is incredibly excited with the announcement. Tencent has an incredible potential to make some amazing VR-games, however the company may also hurt smaller developers, who are willing to push out their own unusual VR-experiences on other platforms.

Source: uploadvr.comvr.tencent.com

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