Terra Cotta Floor – Generator in Substance
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by Laurent BIAL
12 hours ago

Super taf! ;)

Ted Bundy's car? :D

Daaaaamn Son!

Terra Cotta Floor - Generator in Substance
2 September, 2019

Dominik Uhl has shared a terra cotta floor tile generator (fully commented graph) based on a substance he did some time ago.

The file allows to adjust the overall color variation, turn off or on different types of damage and switch between six different patterns. It is a 100% procedurally generated material made in Substance Designer.

Please note that Single User, Indie and Studio licenses are available. You cannot redistribute or resell any of the contents of this product.

You can learn more and get the pack for $9+ here.

Cartoon Water Shader by Adam Homoki is a fascinating highly stylized water material and a river tool with many features including buoyancy, caustic effect, refraction, water depth and more.

Any future updates are included and will be available for download in case they are released.

See the full description

Contact Adam Homoki

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