The 8K VR Headset by Pimax Gets Accessories
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The 8K VR Headset by Pimax Gets Accessories
11 September, 2017

Pimax, a Chinese company that focuses on the production of VR headsets, presented some high-tech accessories that can be with the manufacturer’s upcoming 8K VR device. The headset will have 200 degrees of field of vision with a 3840×2160 per eye resolution due to its dual LED display.

The accessories are said to feature eye-tracking, inside-out hand-tracking, wireless transmitter, cooling fan, prescription glasses frame, scent enabling the module, halo styled headband with integrated head strap and audio support. For example, a scent module will act as an oil diffuser with a built-in fan and a small number of ‘scent cartridges’ which will get activated during specific points during the VR experience. The company has also implemented Valve’s Lighthouse positional tracking and their own optical tracking system.

Specifications of the 8K VR headset:

  • 200-degree field of vision
  • 3840*2160 resolution with more than 16 million pixels
  • Less than 15ms latency
  • Two 3.5 mm audio jack along with stereo sound earphone and an integrated microphone.

The best features of HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift are presented in one device. The release date has not been revealed. 

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