The Art of Beeple: Creating Something New Every Day for a Decade
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by Jamie Gibson
12 hours ago

Hi Elliott, This is a great breakdown and very generous in sharing your process and insights, you came a long way from the vending machine days!

Are you planning on releasing the UE4 project to the public? Or only builds? I'd love to play around with it in the editor if possible!

by mr. Awesome
18 hours ago

Fucking AWESOME!

The Art of Beeple: Creating Something New Every Day for a Decade
3 May, 2017
What is dedication? A CGI artist Mike Winkelmann, a.k.a., Beeple, spent the last 3,650 days drawing something new every single day. Could we call that dedication? I guess so.

Yes, all these artworks below were created in one day:

Beeple, the artist behind some of the music videos of Flying Lotus and Daedalus, has been posting a new digital piece every day for ten years. Abstract, sci-fi, surreal, sarcastic – the most amazing thing is that he’s not known for repeats. His artworks are unique and you can’t argue with that.  

Creators talked to a CGI master about this commitment. What does take it to create something new every day? How did this marathon start? 

I was focused on trying to get better at drawing. I wasn’t thinking about an end date. After the momentum of the 2nd year, I realized I could keep doing this for a while. Once you get the momentum, that’s what carries you forward.

Some days, you don’t have that much ambition. It’s like, “I’m fucking tired, I don’t want to keep going.” The momentum really helps you. You think, “Am I really going to ruin my streak for this?”

Mike Winkelmann

So, how much time does this hobby take? From five minutes to a couple of hours. The artist mastered Cinema 4D, Illustrator, digital photography and more tools by… just practicing. So when you think it’s difficult to dive into all these complex tools, remember this story.

Is he going to stop? No.

I think it’s going to run it’s course. I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten a day. I feel like I’m still so far from where I want to be. I look at artists in a variety of mediums and think, “Why would I stop now?” Part of it is not looking at it too far down the line, and focusing on short term goals.

Mike Winkelmann

You can find Mike’s other works here and don’t forget to read the full interview from Creators. 

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Creators

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