The Basics of Substance Designer with Rogelio Olguin
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The Basics of Substance Designer with Rogelio Olguin
22 February, 2018

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide to texture creation in Substance Designer? Take a look at a 6-hour lecture on the basics of the tool from Rogelio Olguin and The Gnomon Workshop. Start by setting up height information and follow the artist’s steps to get your own cobblestone texture.  

In this lecture, Rogelio Olguin will introduce the basics of texture creation with Substance Designer. Rogelio begins by showing the steps to create height information, the initial foundation of the texture. The design of a cobble stone texture is then demonstrated from start to finish. During the process, Rogelio goes over his techniques and workflow for creating simple tools that combine into one final texture that can have endless procedural possibilities. You will get an insight into Rogelio’s texturing philosophies when it comes to the visual interest of texture creation. Ultimately the goal of the lecture is to share powerful Substance techniques that can be used to create virtually any texture.

The Gnomon Workshop 

You can learn more about the course and join The Gnomon Workshop here.

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