The Challenges of Indiedev Life
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I have being working in the AAA industry for tha last 3 years and the crunch is what is forcing me to find something else to do in life even if I love 3d. Some places may be more respectful with their employees but in my experience the crunch is even calculated in advance cause they know the workers will accept that. Some people is very passionate and don´t mind to do it and that is fine but a lot of people have families and they want to build a healthy environment with them or other goals outside the working ours. Not to mention non-payed overtime and other abuses I faced. Hope this industry fixs this problem.

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Those tilesets are sexy. Seeing new tilesets is like getting introduced to a new lego set.

The Challenges of Indiedev Life
23 August, 2017

What would you choose: full-time indiedev life with a chance to fulfill your dream and no money or a paid job at one of the well-known studios? Piotr Turecki, one of the developers of Archaica: The Path of Light, has published a post that might give you an idea about the ascetic life of independent developers. 

We ate ketchup, mustard, horseradish (and beets) for three years … .

.. and we made this:

Archaica: The Path ofLight is our first commercial game. We are making it in two-brothers team, using custom engine, for three years and now the game is finally done!

PS The first video (with the fridge) was taken some day when we were working in my brother’s flat. My fridge is a bit better equipped (but I have small kids).

Piotr Turecki

So, what do you think? Would you still prefer this kind of journey? 

Speaking about the game. Archaica: The Path of Light is an atmospheric puzzler with lasers and mirrors, that features a mystical and ancient world, full of challenging puzzles. The chosen one is sent on a quest to walk the legendary Path of Light and save the world from impending disaster. 

Well, the game looks beautiful and it’s full of the puzzle stuff we love so much! Please, make sure their three-year wwwe was worth it and support the team. 


Source: Imgur

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