The Day Before Developer Uses Volunteers to Create Games

The developer notes that the company's culture is built upon the idea of volunteering and explains why it refers to its full-time and part-time workers as volunteers.

Fntastic's upcoming adventure MMO The Day Before is reportedly being developed with the participation of unpaid workers.

As reported by Well Played, Fntastic's website recently added a new "Volunteers" page which explains that the company's culture is built upon the idea of volunteering. "This means that every Fntastic member is a volunteer," the website reads.

The studio refers to its employees as volunteers noting that there are two types of them: full-time and part-time. Full-time "volunteers" are basically salaried workers and "their number is limited", according to the website. Meanwhile, the part-time volunteer explanation reads as follows: "Anyone can be a part-time volunteer to contribute to the Fntastic community and get cool rewards, participation certificates, and free codes."

The website goes on to note that part-time volunteers can take part in various activities contributing to games' creation such as translating and community moderating.

In a comment to Well Played, Fntastic representative provided some details regarding part-time volunteers saying: "The values of our company are about dedication, willingness to help, to deliver great products, and in doing so, being kind and open-minded. During the short history of our company, there have been many people who approached us and wanted to help in different ways."

They also added: "It doesn’t relate to code writing, or development itself though, but other important things such as moderation, localization, or simply rooting for us and cheering us up."

Later, the studio published a statement clarifying what they mean by referring to its employees as volunteers.

"Basically, the word 'volunteer' comes from the Latin word 'voluntarius', which means 'desire' or 'by choice'. Whatever you do in your life, you have two choices: to do it voluntarily or not voluntarily. ... Volunteering at Fntastic means that a person works by choice. This idea comes from our own experiences and aspirations. We – Eduard and Aisen, the founders of Fntastic – consider ourselves volunteers not only within the organization but also in life."

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