The Environments of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The Environments of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Paste has published some amazing pieces of concept art from The New Colossus, with notes from Art Director Axel Torvenius, to get you excited.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is not just about killing Nazis. The amazingly talented team of MachineGames has prepared a number of extraordinary environments for you to dive into. How would America look and feel like in 1960 if the Nazis conquered it during World War II? The developers have an answer for you with so many details of an alternative life. Paste has published some amazing pieces of concept art from The New Colossus, with notes from Art Director Axel Torvenius, to get you excited.

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Here are some of the works from the website:

Super Spesh Room

In the resistance hideout, the submarine called Eva’s Hammer, there are many rooms to explore. One of the central ones is the Klub Kreisau, which serves as a common area where you can chill in the bar, play pool, or just talk to resistance members and find out more about the world. This area is in what used to be a giant torpedo silo, but is now completely refurbished into a cozy and chill area 

Street of Roswell

In this game we have a surreal mix. The classic American dream of blue sky and diners, classic American cars and girls walking down the street smiling. But there is something off with this environment. Nazi jetfighters are roaring in the sky overhead, a Nazi parade in the distance and those girls are walking down the street hand in hand with German Officers. Designing a fictional America run by the Nazis has given us some very surreal moments in this game.

Lincoln Memorial

The Nazis have perverted many landmarks across America. One of them being the Lincoln Memorial. Turned into a perverse scene for their gruesome actions, the Lincoln Memorial now stands for something completely different. This is a concept showing the enormous brutalist buildings raised around it and the re-built monument itself.

You can find tons of other works with comments from the developer here.  

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