The Epic Games Store Goes Live
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7, Mar — 1, Jun
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by Trilo Byte
8 hours ago

If you rig your character up as a standard SineSpace avatar and getting it working properly, then any clothing purchased (or that you make) in SineSpace should just work properly (if not, file a bug report). If you're rigging up your Daz3D content as a costume replacement (also known as a bypass avatar, since it bypasses the entire avatar, clothing, and attachment system), then you're on your own.

by ariana pham
9 hours ago

play game happy wheels

by Kaji
13 hours ago

Nice article. I would love to know if there is any cloth rigging tutorial or tool/plugin that could solve the typical mesh bleeding issue. For reference, I have issues with getting custom or bought clothes on a custom animated Daz3D Character in Unity. So far, the character looks good and work. The clothes fit in T-Position but once the animation starts, the vertices from the character bleeds through certain parts again and again. I've looked into the bones skin-weights but was not able to see anything to improve there. the problem grows once certain body-morphs alter the character (giving him more weight or muscles)

The Epic Games Store Goes Live
7 December, 2018

The Epic Games Store, announced earlier this week, is now live. The new store, which will coexist inside the Epic Launcher app for Windows and Mac, is finally up after a surprise launch as a part of the Game Awards in Los Angeles.

Epic has only confirmed 14 titles so far, but these first two are quite impressive: Ashen from developer A44 and publisher Annapurna Interactive, and an all-new game from Supergiant Games called Hades. The store will also feature Gunfire Games’ recently released Darksiders 3 as well as legendary Journey and Super Meat Boy.

The full list of titles:

  • Ashen by A44 and Annapurna Interactive (now available)
  • Darksiders III by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic (available Dec. 14)
  • Hades by Supergiant Games (now available)
  • Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek by tinyBuild (now available)
  • Genesis Alpha One by Radiation Blue and Team17 (coming soon)
  • Journey by thatgamecompany and Annapurna Interactive (coming soon)
  • Maneater by Tripwire Interactive (coming soon)
  • Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive (coming soon)
  • Pathless by Giant Squid Studios (coming soon)
  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw by Double Damage Games (coming soon)
  • Satisfactory by Coffee Stain Studios (coming soon)
  • Subnautica by Unknown Worlds (available for free from Dec. 14 – Dec. 27)
  • Super Meat Boy by Team Meat (available for free from Dec. 28 – Jan. 10)
  • World War Z by Saber Interactive (coming soon)

It’s too early to say whether the initiative will be successful, but we’ll be looking forward to hearing more from the developers. Make sure to discuss the news in the comments below. 


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@jakub, um, what? Since when a new platform launches with hundreds of games? Steam started with just Counter Strike. GOG started with a limited amount of Ubisoft games, and Witcher diology. Discord did not hesitate about that as well.
They did get an attention for sure at least by releasing Journey on PC (!!) after all these years. For free in 2 weeks (!!!). They have a base with UE4 devs and Fortnite players at least. others will come soon.


In all honesty, while I absolutely support the idea of being steam competition, the launch of the epic store in it’s current form seem like a total misunderstanding. The lineup of games is so small that it’s literally invisible so during it’s first days this store is already irrelevant. I think everyone was expecting hundreds of at least 2017-2018 titles available from the launch so it’s kinda disappointing and misleading. They’ve had a momentum and they haven’t used it. From now on it’s gonna be hard to attract people that already feel baffled.