The Fate of Half-Life 3

The Fate of Half-Life 3

We can keep waiting for a new story of Gordon Freeman, but long story short, the next part is very unlikely.

, a journalist from Game Informer wrote an amazing in-depth article on the destiny of Half-Life franchise. He has been searching for clues for more than two years to find out that the release of the next part is very unlikely. 

Game Informer’s detective has found a member of Valve (wished to remain anonymous), who states that the structure of Valve makes the extension almost impossible. Developers there have a complete creative freedom – they can work on anything they want. That freedom led to several Half-Life 3 versions: 

One of the things that’s interesting about how Valve works is it’s not out of the question for any given person to just try stuff, whether that is conversations or actually spending their time creating something. That could range from someone writing a treatment or crafting concept art to tinkering around with code. Any given person who does that stuff can kind of internalize why they are doing it, and sometimes there are people doing similar things and those things come together.

Over the years, you’ve probably had many dozens of people within the studio as early as probably 2005 working on things that they would imagine from themselves as Half-Life 3 or Half-Life: Episode 3. If you talk to people there, you’re going to get mutually exclusive information about the project from them, and for each of those people, it is correct, but will be different for the next person you talk to. Those two individuals may have been working with the same project in mind, but never linked up internally to connect the pieces before it was scrapped or they moved on to a different project.

Anonymous Insider

Members of Valve have always dreamed of another story for Gordon Freeman and worked hard to create something worthy, something that will be approved by the entire company, but there is no such story yet.


It’s almost like a university up there. At some point you think to yourself, “Okay, I’m inside Valve, I can start asking questions like, “What’s going on with Half-Life?” The person you are talking to is probably going to say, “I’m not really worried about that right now. I need to get another game out. You should talk to this person or that person or that person.” Time goes by and maybe you eventually start a developer relationship with someone who can give you access to some of those people. You talk to them and learn people may be tinkering with some things, but most of the stuff is already dead or going nowhere. Maybe the group is five or eight people. And there are other people five doors down that may be cynical that that is going on at all. You can find every flavor of sensibility along the spectrum in that studio about the game’s development.

Anonymous Insider

The insider believes that  the third part won’t happen anytime soon. And  doesn’t want Valve to release something new just to sate the hunger of fans. And we agree with the mighty detective. Make sure to read the whole story here

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    The Fate of Half-Life 3