The First Episode of Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure Is Out

In the first episode of Hideo Kojima's new podcast, the game designer spoke about his relationship with the Game Awards' producer Geoff Keighley and shared that the podcast will get more interesting with each new episode.

During gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, Hideo Kojima's new podcast dubbed Brain Structure was announced. You can listen to the podcast exclusively on Spotify and it is available in two languages, English and Japanese.

The first episode was aired on September 8 – in it, Kojima explained that the Spotify podcast solves a lot of problems as his fans are all over the world, and few of them can speak Japanese. So he was excited to be able to launch the show, available in multiple countries and with English translation, to connect with the players.

In the first episode, Kojima told the already well-known story of how he came up with the idea for Metal Gear, and also announced that there would be a news segment in the podcast, hosted by his friend, Geoff Keighley, who is known to the public as the host of Opening Night Live, the Game Awards, Summer Game Fest, and more.

Kojima touched upon his and Keighley's relationship and revealed how he and the Game Awards' producer met.

"Geoff and I go back a long way. He is like my comrade. I don't really remember the beginning, but when Metal Gear Solid 2 hit the market in 2001, and just before that busy time, Geoff was in his twenties, fresh out of college. One time he came to Japan and joined our team to film a documentary – that was a bit annoying at first. We've known each other since then."

"Now he's become the face of the game industry who's known worldwide. He organizes the Game Awards and everyone knows him. ... For example, say you wanna meet someone but you don't have their email address, right? So typically you'd ask around many people but if you ask Geoff, he almost definitely knows. Not only he is well-known but he is also well-trusted. I don't give my email address to many people but Geoff has everyone's address. That shows how trusted he is."

In his segment, Keighley recalled the main news from the last gamescom, noting that one of the most anticipated games for him is the horror The Callisto Protocol. He also shared that later in the podcast, he will discuss the biggest news in the industry.

According to Kojima, the podcast will get more interesting with each new episode, but it's not yet clear how the developer will choose the topics for the show. Apparently, the game designer largely improvises and does not plan in advance.

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