The Insights into Creating Destruction Effects in Unreal Engine

Learn more about the capabilities of UE4 in creating destruction effects in real-time.

Unreal Engine team showcased how artists can use UE4 to make destruction effects using the Chaos physics system and the Niagara VFX system inside the engine.

In the video, you’ll find out about the key features of both systems. For instance, the Chaos physics and field systems include geometry collections, fracture editor, and clustering performant so you can adjust visual settings of the destruction process. You can also control the behavior of the space where destruction is happening.

Afterward, a high-performance Niagara particle system works with the Chaos data and adds such effects as dust, smoke, and debris pieces to the simulation which helps build a complex effect in real-time.

The video also includes an overview of the workflow working with the Chaos system.

You can find more information about UE systems for particles and destruction simulation on the UE website.

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