The Last Of Us Part II: Gameplay Details

The Last Of Us Part II: Gameplay Details

The PlayStation team has shared a number of details on The Last of Us Part II and it appears that the gameplay of the original game is now bigger and better. Ellie has improved mobility, there are new threats ranging from guard dogs to new evolutions of the infected, and more.

First, the demo showed patrols — Ellie needs to discover abandoned towns surrounding the survivors’ hometown of Jackson, Wyoming. She rides horseback through the shattered, abandoned buildings in the wooded expanse, where she and Dina look for deadly infected, dangerous marauders, or survivors. There was also the second part later in the game.

As for gameplay, Ellie can now jump to reach higher vantage points or cross small gaps which gives expanded freedom and new opportunities for traversal. What is more, you dodge incoming close-quarters attacks which can be quite handy when evading Stalker attacks.

One of the biggest things here is crawling as you can quickly hide, make it through small passages, or keep a low profile. Slinking through tall grass is an amazing addition to gameplay mechanics.

Make sure to watch the video above and check out an article from PlayStation here.

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    The Last Of Us Part II: Gameplay Details