The Magic Behind Full-Fidelity Hair of Incredibles
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The Magic Behind Full-Fidelity Hair of Incredibles
9 August, 2018

Pixar shared a short video explaining how the legendary team managed to generate outstanding hair for Incredibles 2. The case of this animated picture shows that the hair dynamics really adds to the whole narrative part, so each curl had to be perfect. The team uses procedural stuff and some other advanced techniques to control the final result. Watch the video and discuss! 

For “Incredibles 2,” we achieved interactive full-fidelity hair, increasing artist freedom and productivity. We implemented highly parallel algorithms for hair generation and deformation and used fast, modern techniques for graph evaluation, subdivision surfaces, Poisson disk sampling, and scattered data interpolation.

This video accompanies a talk to be given by Andrew Butts and Ben Porter at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. 


Are you attending this year’s SIGGRAPH? Then you have a chance to get more details on the team’s pipeline by joining Andrew Butts’ and Ben Porter’s talk on generating hair. You can learn more about the talk that will be held in a couple of days here


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