The Making of The Last of Us Part I: A New Documentary from Noclip

The Noclip team interviewed the developers of the remake, delving into the decision-making process behind the game.

The Noclip team has released a new documentary that explores the development of The Last of Us Part I, delving into the decision-making process behind the game's first chapter remake and shedding light on why certain aspects were left virtually unchanged.

The documentarians interviewed the developers at Naughty Dog, the creative minds behind The Last of Us Part I. In their discussion, the team shared insights into the project's inception, revealing which elements they chose to modify and which they retained unchanged. The documentary also uncovers the challenges the developers faced when reimagining a decade-old game.

According to the Naughty Dog team, the development of the original game for PlayStation 3 was constrained by the console's limited capabilities. Due to the need to save console power, the developers had to reduce the level of detail in areas that were not essential to the plot. However, with The Last of Us Part I, the team faced no such restrictions and could provide more detailed environments as a "reward" for players who explore "every inch of the layout, not just on the golden path."

Speaking of the things that were left unchanged in the remake, the developers shared that they aimed to honor the original creators' ideas, which is why they decided to keep Part I's art, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics identical to the source material. Additionally, they shared that this decision was also a part of the studio's efforts to cater to fans of the original game as they believed that many fans hold cherished memories of the original, and any alterations could potentially ruin their experience.

Apart from this, the 50-minute documentary also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the developers' work on The Last of Us Part I's visuals, artificial intelligence, sound, and performance. You can learn more about these aspects by watching the full film above or on the Noclip YouTube channel

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