The Odors of the Original Half-Life
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Wow, that's great. Have to try this out!

Wow beautiful environment. Very thorough and detailed. But I think there are a few images that are not showing up (error?). Is that just me? Interested in seeing those other pictures...

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2 days ago

Jack. First of all, I want to apologize for offending you. We published this just to show how the tech could be used. We don't actually care about the message. But you do bring up a viable point, that for some people - this might be an issue, so I take this post down.

The Odors of the Original Half-Life
27 September, 2017

It appears that the original Half-Life was all about different odors. MarphitimusBlackimus broke down the game’s code to find out that characters don’t just remark on smells randomly — the studio actually built a whole AI system for it.

The game’s code knows three smell categories: meat, carcass, and garbage, though the studio only used two of these. This is why security guards will always comment on the odor of a nearby corpse. One funny fact – scientists won’t react! They have to, but that piece of the code is not working for some reason.

Bullsquids love smells — after a brief period they’ll start chowing down on nearby corpses. It is said that smells can get those creatures’ attention from far away, beyond a direct line of sight. After consuming a corpse, Bullsquids will seek out things that attract their olfactory glands, but the creatures won’t eat anymore.

One more fact – Half-Life corpses stop emitting odors after 30 seconds.

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