The Rookies & Gael’s Creature Legends Event

The Rookies & Gael’s Creature Legends Event

The Rookies and Gaël Kerchenbaum are teaming up to bring you an exclusive new event – Creature Legends! Next session will take place in Paris on April 13.

After the successful VFX Creature’s Drink, The Rookies and Gaël Kerchenbaum are teaming up to bring you an exclusive new event – Creature Legends! It’s professional and fun, it’s free, it’s streamed online for those who can’t attend it… a real gem! Guys are very excited about it and looking for your support and attention. Next session will take place in Paris on April 13.

The event has two parts:

  • Part one: Creature Stories

The Event will start off with one or several talks and Masterclasses given by artists or companies. During which they will share their knowledge and experiences. In order to make their presentations more accessible, they will be live-streamed on our Twitch channel.

  • Part two: Creature Drinks

This is the heart of the event. Attendees will be able to share tips and techniques with others over a drink and expand their network. We are all here to speak about a common passion, Creatures, and Characters.

Depending on the location and availability, we might be unable to organize both parts consecutively, so keep an eye on our upcoming programs!

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Who will be able to join? How do I join? How much does it cost? When will it be?

The event is based on sharing, which means you’d be more than welcome to join the event. Whether you are a complete beginner, a student or already a professional working in the industry.

Attending the event is completely free! The old VFX Creature Drink was pretty popular because it took place in a pub, so there were no entry fees. However, the number of seats for the first part will be limited, so make sure to reserve yours once registrations have opened.

The event is still in the early days. Depending on our growth the Rookies & Gael may have to demand entry fees in the future, however, they plan on making sure it will remain affordable for both professionals and students alike.

The next event will take place on April 13 (might slightly shift. If so, it’ll be announced in the Facebook group) at New3dge. If you want to assist in person to the masterclasses there, fill in this form. If you can’t attend the event, here’s the Twitch Channel where the talks will be streamed online.

The Rookies & Gael plan to host the event multiple times throughout 2019. Join their Facebook group for further updates and announcements of the upcoming dates!

What language will The Creature Stories be in?

The event is planned to take place between the UK and France so the spoken language (English or French) of the talks will depend on the area and speaker. So even if it took place in France the talk could be held in English.

What if I can’t make it?

Once again, wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to attend the first part of the event, the Creature Stories, because it’ll be streamed live on Twitch!

The past talks can be found on YouTube Channel.

For further updates regarding Creature Legends please make sure to join their Facebook group! Additional information about the event is available in the blog.

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