The Second Episode of Riot's Documentary on Arcane Released

The new episode tells the story of how Arcane was one step from being canceled. 

Riot Games and Fortiche Production have released the second episode of Arcane: Bridging the Rift, a five-part documentary on Arcane dedicated to showing the entire production process behind the series. Titled "Persistence (Or When Your Best Still Sucks)", the new episode explains how the show was almost canceled and what was needed to be done by the teams to prevent that from happening.

According to the new documentary, soon after Riot Games hired Fortiche animation studio to work on Arcane, the former conducted a meeting discussing the show's pilot. During this meeting, it was concluded that Arcane's plot was too bad to be turned into an actual show and that the animators had to be let go.

To tell the sad news to Fortiche, Arcane's showrunner Christian Linke recorded a video, or more specifically around 15 videos, only one of which had been shown, telling animators that the project was canceled. However, according to Hervé Dupont, Managing Director at Fortiche, the higher-ups decided not to share the video because Christian looked depressed and suicidal in it.

To stay in touch with the animators, Christian asked other teams at Riot whether they had any animation-related ideas that they would like to turn into reality. And thus, League of Legends-inspired music videos RISE and K/DA were born, gathering tons of new LoL players and millions of YouTube views. Thanks to their success, Fortiche's animators were able to test out some techniques that would later be used in Arcane and Riot got the chance to refine and greenlight the show's script.

Additionally, the new episode gives one more behind-the-scenes look at the working process behind the show, explains the organization process at Riot, shows how various teams interacted with one another, and more. You can check out the full episode attached above or by visiting Riot's official YouTube page.

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