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amazing stuff man

by Mau Vasconcellos
2 hours ago

Am I tripping? I Always thought "pixel art" was based on those 8-bit old games, with hard pixels and little shapes to form scenes. THis is NO PIXEL ART in my conception, but mere digital images.

by peterpen
8 hours ago

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8 June, 2016

Grip Digital’s and Teotl Studios’ exploration-adventure game The Solus Project is now available on Steam and GOG.

Players will embark in a journey on deserted planet Gliese-6143-C, they will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of an ancient alien race, survive the harsh and hostile environment of the seemingly deserted planet and find a way to send a signal home to finally save Humanity.


The full release of The Solus Project comes after a series of updates adding weight and depth to the games ambiance and storyline. The final version of The Solus Project offers players a rich single-player storyline, deep exploration and adventure, and hostile environment that challenges the player’s ability to survive from the get go.The Solus Project is available for purchase at $19.99 on Steam and GOG.

The Solus Project is a single-player exploration adventure with survival elements. The game strands players on an alien planet and challenges them to get to grips with changing, hostile environment while struggling to find a way to send a signal home — and save the human race in the process. Earth has been destroyed and mankind lingers on in a small fleet of ships near Pluto. As humanity’s last hope, players are sent to scout a distant planet as a potential location for a colony.


For more on information on The Solus Project, you can check out the game on Steam, follow it on Twitter, Facebook, and Website.

Official Press Release

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