The Story of Allegorithmic Told by Sebastien Deguy
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Most interesting and inspiring artist on the business.

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The Story of Allegorithmic Told by Sebastien Deguy
18 April, 2018

Sebastien Deguy, CEO of Allegorithmic, has recently joined Chris Nichols for the latest CG Garage to talk about the history of Allegorithmic in an honest way. Learn about the decisions that led to the creation of one of the top companies behind gamedev tools. 

If you’ve played any AAA video game in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen Allegorithmic’s tech in action. Headed up by Sebastien Deguy, the company’s Substance Painter and Substance Designer help artists create and fine-tune realistic textures which aren’t repetitive or obviously procedurally generated.

In this podcast, recorded at the Vertex conference in London, Sebastien tells Chris how a single mistake leads to the founding of this fast-growing and innovative company, which is branching out into visual effects and architecture. He also talks about the little tricks Allegorithmic uses behind the scenes, the future of the software, and even how we can understand the universe through mathematics.

You can find the podcast here.

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