The TaleSpire Devs Need Your Help
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The TaleSpire Devs Need Your Help
26 June, 2019

TaleSpire, a beautiful project we’ve featured a couple of years, is now on Kickstarter, and we have to make it happen. Have you always dreamt of playing Dungeons & Dragons someday? This one was created for you then.

First, start by reading our interview with one of the developers, Jonny Ree, we published back in 2016:

TaleSpire: Bringing Table-top RPG to 3D

“This is a big project, which is produced by me,  Jason Roy, Hannah Eckbo and Rachel L. Cadran who are the other minds behind Bouncyrock Entertainment. We’ve always wanted to make something that could recreate the feeling we had when mod’ing back in the day. I spent a lot of my teenage years playing on persistent worlds in Neverwinter Nights (NWN), which were basically mini MMOs with maybe about 30-60 active players at a time, customized to fit the vision of whomever was running the server. So custom built areas with multiple dungeon masters roaming the land to create fun for unexpecting players. Imagine having the feeling of playing an MMO, but where your character could actually change the world, not by running through instances and having some fireworks spawn at the end of it, just so the world would go back to being the same.”

Jonny Ree, Programmer / Technical Artist

The upcoming game can be described as a complex toolbox for custom roleplaying adventures. You can set up miniatures, terrains, and scary monsters for them to fight. As a dungeon master, you can build design towns, dungeons, and whatever you need for your adventure using a built-in set of tiles and components. Basically, the game is as flexible as the legendary Dungeons & Dragons.

The project is currently on Kickstarter, and it needs our help. TaleSpire is pure magic — just watch a video below if you don’t believe us.

“Our aim is to get rid of everything that gets between you and your stories,” the team states. “TaleSpire is not tied to a specific game or ruleset; if it’s role-playing on a square grid we have your back.”

“The primary goal of the Kickstarter is to fund TaleSpire’s development for 8 months. This includes full-time wages for the core developers, server costs, creative tools and legal services required to bring this game to Early Access.” The Kickstarter runs through August 7, and they need $127,000 (collected $88,000 already). The roadmap is quite aggressive, so they need funds to make the whole project happen.

You can learn more about the project and support it on Kickstarter.


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really great project! i would like to help, not with money but with concept art, 3D production, lighting shaders…etc ^^

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